Middle East Websites WS 2017/18, Apps

The course will equip you to with the tools to evaluate the theories and evidence regarding the political challenges facing the Middle East. It will provide you an overview of the most influential literature on the topics as well some popular media accounts. Moreover, students will learn different viewpoints and the gain the basic knowledge of the political dynamics in the Middle East. Although the course is planned thematically we will also go into details on the politics of specific countries in the Middle East.

This course covers various themes in Middle East Politics to include: historical context, the role of religion, authoritarian persistence, democratization efforts including the Arab Spring, public opinion, international relations, gender politics and socioeconomic development. We will answer essential questions about each of these topics, for example, 1) Why does the Middle East remain authoritarian? 2)What role does religion, specifically Islam, play in the politics? 3) Despite the abundance of natural resources why does is still lack in socioeconomic development? 4) What shapes Middle Eastern public opinion towards international actors and what are the reasons for the apparent negativity? 5) Why have various conflicts Middle East, such as the Arab-Israeli conflict, endured?

Course Readings

There is no required textbook for the course. Instead, I will expose you to a rich variety of readings from software development company austin academic and non-academic journals, books, textbooks, and magazines. These will be made available to you at the Learnweb platform.. Please pay close attention to assigned page numbers for all readings, as you will often be assigned excerpts or selections of longer pieces in order to focus your effort on the most important parts.

Course Evaluation

Grading will be based on a final exam consisting of multiple choice and short essay questions. php web development company There will also be assignments such as a presentation which will be required to pass the class but would not be graded.

Die 90-minĂ¼tige Abschlussklausur wird am 31.01.2018, 16:00 – 18:00 Uhr geschrieben.

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